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Concerts and Performances


"Judy's music uplifts one's soul and being. Her sounds caress the fiber of my heart and help me rejoice to be alive." Mark Victor Hansen - Co-author of Bestseller Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Judy Armstrong ... hits on all scores - voice, projection, a touch of piquancy, a proper sense of the dramatic, and most importantly, personality which comes off with a wham ...!” Variety, New York

“Judy Armstrong is one of the most vibrant, dynamic musicians with whom I have had the delight to work. Her songs flow from her spirit which is wonderfully alive.” Alan Cohen, Author of bestseller, "The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

“The gift of Judy is like the sun shining through the clouds after a month of rain. She is a fountain of youth, enlivened and enlivening.” Chuck Spezzano, PhD, Founder of Psychology of Vision®, Hawaii

“Praise especially for the purity of Judy Armstrong’s voice. A couple of times, it filled the hall so quietly and freely, it seemed to be coming from all around us and not from her at all.” EYEOPENER, Calgary, AB

“Armstrong’s thoroughly wholesome performance is the most delightful I have yet come across.” James Barker, Vancouver Province

“The absolutely delightful Judy Armstrong sings beautifully and displays such poise and sensitivity that she dominates the stage. When the performance ended, I for one, had to resist a strong temptation to send 2 dozen roses and a bottle of champagne around to her dressing room.” Christopher Dafoe, Vancouver Sun

“Hi dear one, Well you are certainly revered and loved. Your magic has touched so many! Great job! It was amazing to hear the subtle perfections and the huge impact of your musical arrangements in a theater setting. That blew me away!" Rev. Nadene Rogers, JOY of Life Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada


Music / Recordings

“Listen to the spirit of love in Judy’s voice. This vivacious pixie dynamo has just recorded the most important piece of work this century.” Norris Bick, Past Producer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“Judy your voice is so exquisite. It always has been, but I had forgotten just what a beautiful sound you have. What an amazing vocal range and range of styles you have. But no voice can be beautiful if there isn't a beautiful soul to support it. The final song and the final notes of that song brought tears followed by a huge WOW! I love the arrangements, I love the choices you've made and I love what your songs have to say. So again Thank you.” Diane Nyland-Proctor, Actress, Director, Choreographer, Toronto, ON, Canada

“An hour of Judy’s music is like a weekend in the mountains or at the sea shore. Sometimes light and fun, sometimes deep and knowing - her music so addresses the human experience, it never fails to affect me at a soul level.” Grace Lea, Group Facilitator, Calgary, AB

“Judy's music and depth of soul is beyond shining, it is unlimited light and love. I have used Judy's powerful music and words for not only my own spiritual growth and healing, but also in my coaching, facilitation and consulting programs with hundreds of women for years. Her music and spiritual essence is a big part of my spiritual toolkit.” Laura Simonson, Founder of Indogo and Modern Vegan Family, Don't Forget Fido, Vancouver, BC

“Judy, you convey a fullness of beauty and insight with exceptional grace. We admire and appreciate profoundly, the noble work you are doing in harmonizing body, mind and soul.” Perfect Peace Lodge, Veyangoda, Sri Lanka


“My dear friend Judy Armstrong was and continues to be instrumental in awakening me and helping me to SHINE! Please take the opportunity to have your heart and soul opened and awakened through listening to her Angelic Voice!” Moreah Ragusa, RFM, Psychotherapist, Family Mediator, Counselor, Speaker, Author, Palm Springs, California

“Judy Armstrong’s recorded music is filled with inspiration, yet to feel even more of this woman’s loving energy expressed through sound, be sure to create the opportunity to attend one of her live performances.” Kelly Tobey, Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitator, Calgary AB, Canada

“Judy’s music inspires me to reach inside, search and find myself. The combination of words, music and voice achieve a listening thrill. The composition and performance is a musical feast that enriches the soul.” Judy Richards,
Marketing Director, Cherry Lane Shopping Centre, Penticton, BC, Canada

“This inspired work of Judy’s is a gift of spiritual awakening. Her warmth and brilliance shine through this work which witnesses her uniqueness and her genius. Words are inadequate to describe Judy’s great gifts. One must listen to understand.” Nancy Jagic Latta, Croatia

“Judy, you are an angel sent to this earth to teach and inspire all of our souls; to help us remember our true purpose and our real home. Your songs and music reach deeply into our hearts and awaken the light that has always been there. Your presentation on Saturday made everyone feel uplifted and in tune with the people all around them. You were so natural and you spoke from your heart. The love you felt was radiating through and around you, out to the group. They were deeply touched by your message. You are a special illuminator within the group. Thanks so much for helping me to remember!” Brenda Forsey, Music Educator, Facilitator, Calgary, AB, Canada

“Judy’s music has touched me deeply many times through the years; the lyrics, the emotion, the power of delivery all combining to stir me internally. Thank you Judy for continuing to give your gifts” Kelly Tobey, Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitator, Calgary AB

“Judy’s music touches me deep inside. I experience her songs as a valuable tool for opening the heart and healing our inner self. Her voice is a true blessing of love. Thank you Judy, for sharing your gift.” Rhonda Johnson, International Business Entrepreneur and Seminar Leader

“Judy, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. Thank you a million times. How powerful your healing energy is! You are so beautiful inside and out.” Lori Deane, Dancer, Counselor, Calgary, AB

“Judy, I sang “The Gift of Love” and “Miracles Are Natural Things” for Unity of the Valley yesterday and everybody loved them! What fun it was to sing your songs. Thanks again for publishing your Songbook with the MP3. It made it easy for me to practice and I felt prepared even though the pianist and I only had a short time to rehearse.” Gael Chilson, Singer, Arizona

“Judy Armstrong intuitively supports everyone in celebrating the inner voice. Coming from a song in her heart and her soul, Judy evokes an expression of creativity, joy and healing. She gave us a whole new awareness of being able to connect with the gift within.” Leanne and Maynard Dalderis, Directors, Vitagenics Institute Foundation, Calgary, AB, Canada

“Judy’s music comes straight from the heart – a heart filled with beauty and grace and great enthusiasm for life.” Lency Spezzano, M.S. International Workshop Facilitator, Hawaii

Keynotes and Musical Keynotes

“Your morning presentation was absolutely fabulous!! You were really on Judy! I enjoyed it so much. Jim Beaubien just sat beside me the whole time saying, “She is such a pro!”, “She is so very good!” And I hear he wants you to present at the national Convention. Way to go! Hope you are enjoying the afterglow this weekend.” Gail Burton, Director, Bridges Unlimited, Scotland

“Judy, I had the privilege of attending your seminar at the Toronto CAPS convention. Your ability to engage the audience, share your expertise and motivate exceeded my expectations. It was an experience to see how effortlessly you helped people to project their voice. You are not only an outstanding singer, but also a major confidence booster to people who come into your life. I would not hesitate to recommend any audience to bring you on center stage!" Roz Usheroff, President, The Usheroff Institute, Toronto and Chicago

“Judy, thank you for the fabulous session that you presented at the CAPS BC meeting on Saturday. It was great to spend the afternoon in earnest, non-serious play. Being able to experience you presenting and instructing helped me to understand somewhat more how to be present in the moment. As you, with each and every breath, allowed time to unfold, the room was filled with the joy of being. Listening to you was akin to listening to my own heart. Thank you once again and I hope that our paths cross again.” Mark Culos, Blackberry Civil Works, Humanly Engineered Solutions, Victoria, BC

“Judy, I really needed to hear your message. It was perfect timing for what’s happening in my life. And your “Granny” character was hilarious! Thanks for helping me to lighten up!” Gail Egge, Fun and Fitness Retreats, Vernon, BC, Canada

“Judy has an incredible platform presence, a remarkable high quality message and superb people skills. NSA would do well to hear from Judy at the workshop.” Brian Lee, Custom Learning Inc. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Judy, I just had to tell you how heart-hitting and powerful your presentation was. It spoke to me. And, your music speaks to me as I write. For some unknown reason, three weeks ago, I started singing before I sat down to write. There were things you said that sent “knowing chills” up my spine. Thanks for confirming that I’m on the right road. I play your song, “Breathe into the Fire” from INSIDE OF ME each day before I begin writing.” Dawn Holman, Author, Speaker, California

“Judy, your presentation style is engaging and entertaining, while offering practical self-improvement tips. Staff who attended the presentation stated, “You learned valuable things and had fun at the same time!” ‘Granny’ was hilarious and the story of ‘The Three Bears’ told with the voice of ‘Donald Duck’ was fantastic. I would highly recommend you as a workshop leader and as an entertaining speaker.” Janice M. Blair, Vice President, Palliser Health Authority Community Health Services, Alberta, Canada

“Judy Armstrong was amazing! I have never laughed so much and been inspired at the same time - all in 45 minutes!” Pat Leighty, Farm Women’s Network

“A must for putting sparkle into any banquet or convention!” Jeff Mowatt, CAPS National Past President, Calgary, AB, Canada

“Judy Armstrong is a consummate artist, professional in every detail, yet so warm and personal. She inspires, uplifts and motivates us all.” Dr. Margaret Stevens Institute, Ashland, Oregon

“I would highly recommend Judy to a variety of audiences. After many years of working with volunteer organizations and attending numerous workshops and conferences, I do not believe that I have ever encountered a speaker with as broad a repertoire of talents as Judy possesses - from singing to drama to professional quality workshop presentations. Judy moves her audience from deeply introspective to irreverent belly laughs within a span of minutes - and it works!!! Judy’s natural warmth and message of caring endears her to her audience. Guaranteed smiles!!” Kim Beilby, 4-H Youth Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture and Food, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

“Judy Armstrong’s keynote address was inspirational, invigorating, humorous and entertaining. She reminded us of the importance of taking time for ourselves, made us laugh until our sides hurt, then awed us with her incredible singing voice. While our audience was a very diverse group, ranging in age from twenty to eighty, she kept everyone spellbound. We were thrilled to have someone as professional and talented as Judy speak at our Women’s Getaway Conference.” Ethel McLellan, Conference President, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada


“You were awesome today Judy! Totally spectacular! Your authenticity comes across so strongly in everything you do. As an audience, we hung on to your every word - and they were good words. Such a wealth of information! Thank you for inspiring us to aspire for the magic in our voice and our very being.” CoraMarie Clark, President, Strategix Ltd., Past President, CAPS Calgary, AB, Canada

“Phenomenal, just to be with Judy’s energy!! Her warmth and compassion come shining through! Judy’s freedom to be herself is inspiring! A must see!” Donna Seburah .- Spring Festival of Awareness, Penticton, BC

“Great keynote!! Judy, you truly inspired us! Come back soon.” Norman Wright, Holistic Seminar & Expo, Calgary, AB, Canada

“Judy Armstrong was a featured speaker at our conference, “Chocolate Heaven: A Self-Care Conference”. I can say that Judy’s presentation was valued by members of the five communities represented. I am basing this testimonial on three factors: (1) The participant evaluation forms were very positive with flowing praise for Judy’s presentation, noting appreciation for her humor and her voice. (2) Our most effective communication system, the “Moccasin Telegraph” showed that Judy’s performance was being praised throughout the region. (3) Participant Observation: I watched the responses of the conference participants who obviously were having a very good time. I would highly recommend Judy Armstrong as a presenter!” Kelte Paule, Regional Health Promotion Coordinator, Northwestern Health Services Region, High Level, Alberta, Canada


Coaching and Workshops

“Judy, everybody’s talking about you ...“Judy was amazing ... she’s Canada’s voice coach”, said Brian. Thinking of you and you can be proud Judy!”
Valerie Cade , Performance Curve Inc., Past President, CAPS National, Canada

“Judy’s uncanny awareness and sensitivity to another person’s being, a simple resonating tone of just the right pitch instantly opens a flood of tears in the other person, or awakens a deep yearning to live life as an art. Her integrity and deep loving care for each person makes Judy a great blessing to all and to each person’s life she touches.” Terry Lawson, Financial Planner, Branch Manager, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Judy, through your gentleness, warmth and humor, a lifetime of fear in using my voice evaporated. Bless you, Judy, and thank you!" Donna E. Francis, Transformational Counselor, Victoria, BC, Canada

“How much richer all the participants are from spending time with you. Your vibrant and enthusiastic spirit was contagious and the executive marveled at your boundless energy. It was tremendous to watch the time and care you took with each individual and group." Ginny Alexander, President, Festival of the Arts, 100 Mile House, BC

“Judy, your love and encouragement meant more to me than anything I have felt and received in a very long time. The technique and skills were important and most trained musicians and speakers can teach them, but what you taught and shared – the warmth, love and intimacy of personhood is something I have never before experienced like you were able to give." Laura Harder, Kelowna, BC, Canada

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Judy Armstrong as an expert in Vocal Dynamics. She brings exuberance, joy, a voice like an angel, a sense of compassion and safety. She allows each one to open the inner Voice of Song which is the expression of ourselves at the deepest level." Joan Dale, Marketing Manager, Confidant to the late Princess Grace of Monaco

“To see Judy work with a group is a great pleasure. She is completely present with you, right in your space; open, accepting - where you are is OK - it’s a great place to be. Judy walks with you one step, hand in hand - safe, so safe you find yourself doing something you never thought possible - and having fun doing it! Shallow tight breathing becomes deep soulful sighs. Sighs become notes, notes phrases, songs, harmonies and more; never once feeling pushed, just a little stretch, a small safe step to victory. Thank you Judy, I never thought I could sing or speak, and it was fun!" Richard Adamson, MSc., Engineer, Calgary, AB, Canada

“Judy’s voice seems to come from the heavens. It has the ability to reach down inside my being and literally pull forth tears of great joy." Kelly Tobey, Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitator, Calgary AB

“Judy is a leading talent in the dramatic and musical arts. Her insights and sensitivity to people contribute to her teaching excellence.” Wayne A. Long Ph.D., Professor of Management, Mesa, Arizona

“Judy is an awesome coach and mentor and I have blossomed as a speaker and as a person under her tutelage. Judy meets me where I am, without judgment. I have no fear of putting anything I am working on in front of her and know she will acknowledge my efforts, emphasize the positive, point out what could be better and draw me forward to the next level of professionalism with heart. Thank you Judy for sharing yourself with me!" Maggie Hanna, Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Calgary, AB, Canada

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