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Presentation Coaching (Speaking)
In this training you will learn how to:

* Find your niche and unique ability
* Discover your core topic and design winning titles
* Deliver dynamic, thoughtful and inspirational presentations
* Structure a talk to address the concerns of your audience
* Pace your talk, tell your own stories and interject humor
* Improve microphone techniques
* Overcome nervousness
* Involve the audience
* Use vocal expression to make the most of the meaning of words
* Modulate and project the voice (also covered in Voice Trainings)

Voice Training (Speaking)
Focusing on all aspects of the speaking voice, the student will learn:

* Breathing techniques and posture
* Placement of the voice and projection with ease
* Expansion of vocal range for the speaking voice
* Diction and conveying the intent and meaning of words
* Voice expression and modulation, readings, sounding and vocal ‘play’
* Delivery techniques, timing, pacing, relaxation exercises and centering
* Projecting feelings and emotion through the voice (without straining)
* Improvisation exercises to learn to relate stories with interest and presence

Note: If the student shows specific interest and talent in acting, Judy will give more focus on drama exercises, including preparation for auditions.

Voice & Performance Training (Singing)
The singing voice can be an extension of the speaking voice, or visa versa. The student can study one or the other, or both.
In these trainings, you will learn:

* Breath support (the foundation of both the singing and speaking voice)
* Resonance exercises (e.g. middle, temples, mid-forehead, back of neck, crown, chest)
* Vocal expanding exercises and toning
* Projection and placement of the singing voice while supporting on breath
* Singing supported soft tones as well as louder tones
* Expanding the singing vocal range
* Relaxation of the jaw and tongue, plus other exercises to insure a free flowing voice
* Song interpretation and ‘becoming’ the song
* Moving, staging, acting and/or developing songs for performance (optional)
* Song writing (optional)

I thoroughly look forward to supporting your brilliance and gifts for the world.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Judy Armstrong as an expert in Vocal Dynamics. She brings exuberance, joy, a voice like an angel, a sense of compassion and safety. She allows each one to open the inner Voice of Song which is the expression of ourselves at the deepest level."
Joan Dale, Marketing Manager, Confidant to the late Princess Grace of Monaco

Book Judy as Your Very Own Performance, Voice or Presentation Coach!

“To see Judy work with a group is a great pleasure. She is completely present with you, right in your space; open, accepting - where you are is OK - it’s a great place to be. Judy walks with you one step, hand in hand - safe, so safe you find yourself doing something you never thought possible - and having fun doing it! Shallow tight breathing becomes deep soulful sighs. Sighs become notes, notes phrases, songs, harmonies and more; never once feeling pushed, just a little stretch, a small safe step to victory. Thank you Judy, I never thought I could sing or speak, and it was fun!"
Richard Adamson, MSc., Engineer, Calgary, AB, Canada

“Judy is an awesome coach and mentor and I have blossomed as a speaker and as a person under her tutelage. Judy meets me where I am, without judgment. I have no fear of putting anything I am working on in front of her and know she will acknowledge my efforts, emphasize the positive, point out what could be better and draw me forward to the next level of professionalism with heart. Thank you Judy for sharing yourself with me!"
Maggie Hanna, Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Calgary, AB, Canada

“How much richer all the participants are from spending time with you. Your vibrant and enthusiastic spirit was contagious and the executive marveled at your boundless energy. It was tremendous to watch the time and care you took with each individual and group."
Ginny Alexander, President, Festival of the Arts, 100 Mile House, BC

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