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I offer 2 different kinds of concert experiences - one is entertaining and the other is meditative.

​Entertaining (45 - 90 minutes):  The first is energizing, uplifting and fun and includes songs that I have written and recorded. My music embraces a variety of styles from powerful and inspirational to big band swing to soft and nurturing to comedic and silly to native and rhythmic. The concerts, designed to inspire and lighten you up, are full of audience participation and laughter. Of course, Granny brings her zany and outrageous sense of humor into the mix.

To ease your budget, my concerts can be performed with my CD background orchestral ‘tracks’.  Please contact me for additional information regarding sound requirements.

Meditative (approx. 1 hour): The second experience is serene and meditative which invites you to go within and listen to your hearts knowing. This is a time for letting go, enriching the soul and

just ‘being’ in the Presence.  The

tranquil mood is created beforehand

with soothing music, soft lighting

and candles. Before communing in

this sacred space, we state our

intention (aloud or silently) for

healing, peace, love and whatever

else you need to learn, forgive or

understand. This is followed by

toning the Universal Ohm together.

I then hold the light for your inner

journey by singing some of my soft, nurturing songs and speaking what I am intuitively guided to share in that moment. We quietly close our time together by once again humming the Ohm of Oneness.

“Miss Armstrong has the assurance and personality of a show business veteran and she couples it with winsome charm and a big, lovely singing voice. Her stage presence is easy and relaxed and she is so obviously out to please and entertain her audiences that she has them eating out of her hand after her first few notes."

Montreal Gazette

Book Judy for Your Special Concert & Event!

“Armstrong’s thoroughly wholesome performance is the most delightful I have yet come across.”

James Barker, Vancouver Province

“Judy Armstrong is one of the most vibrant, dynamic musicians with whom I have had the delight to work. Her songs flow from her spirit which is wonderfully alive.”

Alan Cohen, Author of bestseller,

"The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

“Judy’s voice seems to come from the heavens. It has the ability to reach down inside my being and literally pull forth tears of great joy."

Kelly Tobey, Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitator, Calgary AB

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