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Do You Remember (cont'd)

More and more people are waking up to the realization that we are all in this together, that our survival depends on us celebrating our differences and joining as One.  In each moment, you will be given reminders of unity.  Bring your awareness into the precious gift of Now. Breathe, and pay attention.

This is the consciousness that enveloped me when I was inspired to write “Do You Remember”.  The chanting at the beginning and ending of the song was recorded at a Cree Pow Wow.  “Do You Remember” is ancient, timeless and powerful in its simplicity; the rhythms ground the energy into the core of the earth.  Speaking and singing your deepest truth reinforces the message and moves the energy into action. 

It is time for us to carry this Knowing with us and pay it forward.

With love,

Do you remember, that I AM Here, and I will guide you
Do you remember, the Sacred Fire, dwelling inside you
Do you remember, do you recall
Do you remember, that you are One with All.

Excerpt from "Do You Remember"
Music & Lyrics by Judy Armstrong
from Judy’s CD, TIME TO SHINE
© 2002 Judy Armstrong (SOCAN)

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