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(Gentle Gifts for the Child)

A tapestry of 10 nurturing songs,

Flying Free transports you to the

inner realms.

With soft accompaniment of harp, piano, guitar and piano celeste, Judy's beautiful voice cradles you with tender lyrics and lilting melodies.


These songs are intended to be sung for small babes and children, caressing them with soothing sounds that all mothers have known for centuries. We have all played many roles. We are the adult, but we are also the child who needs to be nurtured. Breathe into the healing balm of this quiet music and let it bring memories of Home.

“Judy Armstrong’s heart is full of joy and love and life, and she delivers her heart in her songs. Something from deep within is carried on every note that never fails to touch me and often brings tears. These songs burst forth with the immediacy of the life they express, the experiences that inspired them and the woman whose spirit carries them into the world.”

Richard Adamson, M.Sc., Engineer

"Judy Armstrong, your bright spirit and encouraging way spun delight into the air.”

Farhana Dhalla, Speaker, Coach,

Author of Bestseller, “Thank You For Leaving Me”

“Judy, you awakened in me the wonder of sounds' vibrational healing powers. From gently leading us into heart-felt sighs releasing tension and emotions to magically projecting sound in the body, healing physical pain; you are indeed a gracious gift.”

Joan Gibbon, Reiki Therapist

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