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From Judy's CD
"Let Your Heart Sing"







"Give Yourself Love"




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Give Yourself Love!


“Well you came here wearing nothin’ but a smile

You came here to walk in style

But if you forget to rise above

All you gotta do ... is give yourself love


Well you came here with many gifts to bring

You came here with a song to sing

But if you forget to rise above

All you gotta do … is give yourself love


Celebrate your life and all the stars shine brighter

Hum a little tune and all the children will sing

Dance a little dance and your heart feels lighter

Sing your love song, let the rafters ring”


    Excerpt from “Give Yourself Love”

    Music and Lyrics by Judy Armstrong

    from Judy's CD, LET YOUR HEART SING

    © Judy Armstrong 1994 (SOCAN)

Give Yourself some Love - right now!

“Judy’s music touches me deep inside. I experience her songs as a valuable tool for opening the heart and healing our inner self. Her voice is a true blessing of love. Thank you Judy, for sharing your gift.”

Rhonda Johnson, International Business Entrepreneur and Seminar Leader

“Listen to the spirit of love in Judy’s voice. This vivacious pixie dynamo has just recorded the most important piece of work this century.”

Norris Bick, Past Producer

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

“An hour of Judy’s music is like a weekend in the mountains or at the sea shore. Sometimes light and fun, sometimes deep and knowing - her music so addresses the human experience, it never fails to affect me at a soul level.”

Grace Lea, Group Facilitator

Calgary, AB

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