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“Granny” is a character that was created for our shows in the Wild Horse Theater at Heritage Fort Steele, BC, Canada. My husband, Tink Robinson (who is also a professional performer) and I wrote, directed, produced and performed our shows for 13 summer seasons and hired our professional cast from across North America.

One summer season, the CIBC manager in the nearby city of Cranbrook, BC, asked me, Tink and our theater cast if we would dress in costume and interact with the bank staff and patrons during a lunch hour. All the people in that area were so pleased that we brought in major tourist dollars. Picture this … Granny decided to direct all the proceedings. She grabbed the loan manager by the hand, hauled him out to the front and announced that he was giving out free loans that day. She passed out lemonade and cookies and even went behind the counter to check that the tellers were doing their jobs.


Granny greeted patrons as they entered and introduced everybody in the long lineup. Everyone was cheerful, laughing and visiting except for one man who was not amused. He was about 6’ 7”, sturdily built, black rimmed glasses, square jaw, clutching his briefcase - a man on a banking-only mission. Immediately in front of him was a shy, short, pencil-thin man with wire-rimmed glasses. Granny worked her way up the line, stopped and introduced Mr. Tall to Mr. Short and stayed and chatted with them for awhile. It wasn’t long before Mr. Tall was grinning in spite of himself!

When Granny joins my workshops and concerts, she brings out the irresistible outrageous spontaneity in all of us. She certainly gets away with far more zaniness than I could! With her barnyard humor, Granny would advise, “You can do anythin’ ya want to - ya jest gotta believe ya can, that’s all! Jest say yer intention, let 'er go, and then go try out one of last years catalogues.”


Want to Bring Some "Zany" into Your Next Event?

“Judy, I really needed to hear your message. It was perfect timing for what’s happening in my life. And your “Granny” character was hilarious! Thanks for helping me to lighten up!”
Gail Egge, Fun and Fitness Retreats, Vernon, BC, Canada

A “Happening” with Judy and "Granny"
With the intention of inspiring you to:

  * Be true to yourself
  * Let your hair down
  * Release tension
  * Be the best that you can be
  * Laugh, giggle, guffaw and ...
  * Bring out your irresistible inner nut

Here is how Judy and the loveable old Granny describe a 'Happening':

* I interweave singing my songs and an uplifting message and with humorous true stories
* The process of transforming into Granny with her raggedy outfit, wig, hat and over-sized hand-me-down shoes, takes place right in front of the audience

* Granny's energy is HUGE and she is completely spontaneous

* She engages everyone with her quips, joking, barnyard wisdom, singing and lots of audience participation

* When Granny waves “so-long-fer-now”, and if time allows, I might add a few other surprises ...
* The final song is either inspirational or energizing and interactive
For Sound/Stage requirements, please contact Judy below for details.

Contact Granny ... 'er Judy, and Hire Granny for Your Next Special and Fun Event!

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“Judy, your presentation style is engaging and entertaining, while offering practical self-improvement tips. Staff who attended the presentation stated, “You learned valuable things and had fun at the same time!” "Granny" was hilarious and the story of ‘The Three Bears’ told with the voice of ‘Donald Duck’ was fantastic. I would highly recommend you as a workshop leader and as an entertaining speaker.”
Janice M. Blair, Vice President, Palliser Health Authority Community Health Services, Alberta, Canada​

“Judy, I really needed to hear your message. It was perfect timing for what’s happening in my life. And your “Granny” character was hilarious! Thanks for helping me to lighten up!”
Gail Egge, Fun and Fitness Retreats, Vernon, BC, Canada

“I would highly recommend Judy to a variety of audiences. After many years of working with volunteer organizations and attending numerous workshops and conferences, I do not believe that I have ever encountered a speaker with as broad a repertoire of talents as Judy possesses - from singing to drama to professional quality workshop presentations. Judy moves her audience from deeply introspective to irreverent belly laughs within a span of minutes - and it works!!! Judy’s natural warmth and message of caring endears her to her audience. Guaranteed smiles!!”
Kim Beilby, 4-H Youth Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture and Food, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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