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Momma and Papa, I’ve been away too long
Where did I, when did I
Stop singing my song
All the little children inside of me
Are crying, and trying so much to be free

Mommy and Daddy, if I were small again
I’d always remember, you loved me, and then
I’d live my life feeling all that I can
I wouldn’t hide what’s inside of me

Excerpt from "Inside of Me"
Music & Lyrics by Judy Armstrong
from Judy's CD, INSIDE OF ME
© 1993 Judy Armstrong (SOCAN)

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The process of writing “Inside of Me” brought me through the sunlight and rain of my emotional being to a gentle healing of my inner child, helping remove the blocks which prevented me from moving forward in my life.  It is my wish that this song will touch your heart also, help you mend the relationship with yourself and others, and give you the assurance that you are loved, innocent and free.

Mommy and Daddy, I’m comin’ home again
The child that’s inside me has still always been
A beautiful child, feeling everything
I’m not gonna hide what’s inside of me​

During one class with about 70 participants, one woman was going through a deep experience of visiting 'all the little children inside of her' who were yearning to be loved and acknowledged.  Because I was sitting right behind her, I knew that the lesson was also mine.  I was soon to create the song called, “Inside of Me”.

Usually, melodies and lyrics come to me simultaneously when I am relaxed and out of my own way. However, only the first half of “Inside of Me” flowed easily and then the creativity stopped. I knew that I had to revisit that deep place within before I could write the rest of the song. So for awhile, I avoided it. However, a few weeks later, those deep feelings surfaced. I finally chose to surrender to the process and allowed myself to be present with what it was showing me. Then I felt as if a welcoming hand led me to the piano and said, “Write this Now!” Thus the rest of the song flowed effortlessly. "Inside of Me" was now complete.

Inside of Me (cont'd)

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