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Inspired by Spirit means something different for each person. Though names are irrelevant in the Oneness, we tend to attach labels to Spirit such as, Light, Omnipotence, Energy, God/Goddess, Love, Intuition, Higher Self, Cosmic Source or the Great Central Sun. For me, Spirit is in all things and of all things, everywhere present.​

I am inspired by Spirit in all aspects of nature, seeing a newborn baby, watching someone living their passion, hearing children sing, talking to our mechanic or patting the dog.  Even when we see negativity, we can choose to lift the density by attuning to higher Consciousness, bringing the Spirit of unconditional Love and healing to our brothers and sisters on all sides of the conflict.

Inspiration doesn't come by trying.  It can catch you by surprise, anytime, anywhere – in a tent, outdoors or in a lineup at the grocery store.  I feel Spirit when I am doubling over with laughter.  When you are in synch, you can have an ascending experience washing the dishes or even sitting in the dentist chair. Inspiration is at hand and you can choose in each moment to be at One with it.

As you listen to your I AM within, you have true soul vision, your heart opens and you Remember Home.  Dwelling in Spirit is the closest feeling you can have to knowing your Essence, the Real You.  Your energy centers open and you may feel a tingling sensation throughout your body, see visions, pulsing light or color patterns. You are greater than you can ever imagine.  There is no lack; you are limitless.

Whether or not you can comprehend the greater picture, the world is unfolding as it should.  A huge influx of Light from higher realms is being projected to the earth at this time.  Feel Her crystal grids, for they hold the memories that Love's promise was foretold here. Together, as One People, One Life, One Being, Inspired by the One Spirit, we can bathe our garden planet with healing Light.  You are a vital part of this awakening.

So what inspires you?  What are your unique gifts?  What do you love the most?  What are your hopes and dreams?  What do you want to accomplish on this earth? Go within and Spirit will give you direction; visit that place often.  Let Spirit express by means of you. Listen to your guidance, breathe, trust and go where the One Spirit leads you.  Adventures beyond your wildest dreams await.

Enjoy the ride.

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