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“Your morning presentation was absolutely fabulous!! You were really on Judy! I enjoyed it so much. Jim Beaubien just sat beside me the whole time saying, “She is such a pro!”, “She is so very good!” And I hear he wants you to present at the national Convention. Way to go! Hope you are enjoying the afterglow this weekend.”

Gail Burton, Director, Bridges Unlimited, Scotland

The Core of My Keynote and Musical Keynote Messages

“All that you try to learn, you already know. All that you seek to be, you already are.” ~
Judy Armstrong

In my travels, I have observed that many people don’t feel worthy and seek to find happiness outside themselves. The truth is that the real You is already whole, innocent and loved. The I AM within you knows all things and you do not have to acquire anything apart from yourself to be more complete. The ever present Power, Wisdom and Love of the Universe is always available to be expressed through you according to your belief in it. Give Who You Are in each moment, love yourself, trust and follow your heart.

Other people are like a mirror, reflecting back to you What You Are. If you are annoyed by a quality in another person, remember that trait is also a part of you that needs to be loved into the light.


When you observe conflict, you may be called upon to come to a deeper understanding of higher vision and love. When you see greatness in someone, that is you as well. We come together throughout time in many different faces and guises to remember Oneness.


It makes me smile from ear to ear when I see people shine. We are each others teachers.


So however I can be or whatever I can say or sing to inspire you or make you laugh or help you remember how wonderful you are, I will continue to hold that vision for you until you claim your giftedness and embrace the totality of your being. You are stronger and more powerful than you realize. You are whole; you are awesome; you are brilliant; you are worthy. You are appreciated!

What are Musical Keynotes?

My Musical Keynotes are talks with insightful messages which combine speaking, singing, audience participation, story telling, fun, laughter and inspiration. The contents of my songs contain the essence of my keynote. The music and message are designed to touch your heart and help you remember and express the light that you are. Throughout the Musical Keynote experience, I introduce ideas and use songs to anchor them.

Book Judy as your Keynote Speaker and Singer!

My Popular TOPICS

Humor * Arts/Culture/Music * Creativity * Empowerment * Entertainment * Spirituality * Life Balance * Image/Self-esteem * Inspiration * Personal Development * Voice/Presentation Skills * Vision/Purpose

Some Keynote and Musical Keynote Titles include:

Moving through the Middle of the Muddle
Do You Love Your Bathroom Mirror?
Now Let’s Be Honest!
Balancing the Act of your Balancing Act
Life Not Working? Go to Plan “Be”
When Your Roller Coaster Stops for Repairs
Your Time to Shine
The Magic of Being a Kid Again
Let Your Heart Sing
Are We Having Fun Yet?

I will choose titles specific to your conference theme

and the needs of the participants.

“Judy, everybody’s talking about you ...“Judy was amazing ... she’s Canada’s voice coach”, said Brian. Thinking of you and you can be proud Judy!”

Valerie Cade , Performance Curve Inc., Past President, CAPS National, Canada

“Judy Armstrong is a consummate artist, professional in every detail, yet so warm and personal. She inspires, uplifts and motivates us all.”
Dr. Margaret Stevens Institute, Ashland, Oregon, USA

“Judy has an incredible platform presence, a remarkable high quality message and superb people skills. NSA would do well to hear from Judy at the workshop."

Brian Lee, Custom Learning Inc. Calgary, AB, Canada

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