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 This recording written and performed

by Judy Armstrong and Tink Robinson,

contains 10 entertaining, fun-filled

songs which invites you to dance and

sing along.

Learning through music and rhythm improves confidence, spontaneity, imagination, cooperation, creativity, self-expression and coordination. With lively orchestral accompaniment and catchy rhythms, KIDS (for all ages) introduces you to the funny old "Granny" (played by Judy) and the lovable "Underarm Tom" (played by Tink).

So lighten up, tap your toes, kick a can down the street, yodel, jiggle around like a bowl full of jelly and be downright silly if you want to. You might even discover the magic of being a kid again - just for the fun of it!

“Tink and Judy are better than just good, they are outstanding!"


“Their outstanding entertainment is not surpassed anywhere."


“Tink and Judy clearly enjoy what they do. They have fun and this sense of fun is infectious.”


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