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“Hi dear one. Well you are certainly revered and loved. Your magic has touched so many! Great job! It was amazing to hear the subtle perfections and the huge impact of your musical arrangements in a theater setting. That blew me away!"

Rev. Nadene Rogers, JOY of Life Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada

What Judy and her Music brings to your Events:

Music is a wonderful catalyst for linking presenters together at conferences, workshops, retreats and congresses. Music is like ‘the icing on the cake’ at events, enabling the attendees to effectively retain the information of the speakers’ messages.

I have sung at many events, before, during and at the closing of gatherings. My songs unite groups of people in the universal language of music. It is also great fun to join with other gifted artists in 'musical happenings', especially at longer conferences.

Here are some ideas of how we can work together to insure that your event is successful and memorable!

Setting the Tone

To set the stage for your event after the participants have gathered, I perform positive, energizing, uplifting songs before the opening keynote.

Interweaving the Conference Together

Often I will sing before and/or after speakers' presentations, choosing songs appropriate to their themes or offer a song which gently leads into a quiet sharing.


Closing Song

Singing an inspirational or energizing participation song at the closing of an event leaves the participants with motivation to express their gifts, take action and make positive changes in their lives.

Book Judy to Add the Gift of

Music to Your Events!

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“Judy’s music touches me deep inside. I experience her songs as a valuable tool for opening the heart and healing our inner self. Her voice is a true blessing of love. Thank you Judy, for sharing your gift.”

Rhonda Johnson, International Business Entrepreneur and Seminar Leader

“Judy Armstrong is a loving healer who gently and intuitively supports each participant in celebrating the inner voice. Coming from a song in her heart and her soul, Judy evokes an expression of creativity, joy and healing. She gives you a whole new awareness of being able to connect with the gift within. Judy brings out the song that is in every heart, longing to be shared. Her mastery transcends her focused professional discipline to a gentle healing space. The melody still lingers."

Maynard and Leanne Dalderis, Directors, Vitagenics Institute Foundation, Calgary, AB, Canada​

“Judy’s music comes straight from the heart – a heart filled with beauty and grace and great enthusiasm for life.”

Lency Spezzano, M.S. International Workshop Facilitator, Hawaii

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