When You Know the Keys to Claiming the Power of Your Voice – The Real YOU, You Will Captivate Your Audience and Clients With Your Contagious Message!

  • Are you a professional or aspiring speaker who wants to take it up to a new level but you are feeling stuck?


  • Do you know you have more within your voice but are not sure how to how to elevate and engage it?


  • Do you strain your speaking when you're trying to be heard in a large group?


  • Have you ever been ridiculed and told that you can't speak, have nothing to say, or your voice is too weak?


  • Have you ever been afraid to voice your feelings or vulnerability and you're worried that others may not like you?


  • Is there a part of you that wants to let out that Voice inside and get more out of life, but you don’t have a clue where to start?


  • Are you willing to lay aside the illusions of old worn out belief systems about yourself?



If any of these questions resonate with you, I know exactly how you feel!


My name is Judy Armstrong. Before I first began my singing, speaking and acting journey (during the ages of about 10 to 13), I had a recurring bronchial pneumonia condition. The only quick fix available was prescription sulpha pills. Of course, the congestion kept recurring. Finally the doctor advised that I needed to develop my breathing by either swimming or singing (or both). My mom knew that I was musical and chose to put me into voice lessons. At first, I was such a shallow breather that I could have been pushed over with a feather. However, after many hours (and years) of practice on and off stage, I not only learned to develop my lung capacity, but I went on to master both my singing and speaking voice.


I also had a fear of letting people know me (the 'if-they-really-knew-me-they-might-not-like-me' syndrome). However, I had incredible teachers and guidance each step of the way. As I began to love all the little children inside of me, I was not afraid anymore to be real and transparent. Now from this place of honesty, I read peoples feelings and understand the process underneath what they are saying.


Because I have found my own Voice, I know how to assist you to discover yours. I can help you to not only Claim your Voice – the Real You, but step forward with passion and purpose to feel more powerful and fulfilled than you ever have before.




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The Power of Your Voice - the Real YOU


You want to step forward now and travel your true path, one that has more fun, love and joy – because you know that you were meant for a life that is more expanded than the one you’re living right now.


I am here to support you with that!


When we work together, you will:


  • Get a crystal clear picture of how you want to take the next step in your life or career


  • Learn my 5-key System for developing and expressing the dynamic voice you have kept hidden for too long


  • Discover the #1 magnetic quality that makes people want to engage with you


  • Master Poise, Confidence and Vocal performance extraordinaire


  • Learn to play with your voice, create word pictures and bring your stories to life


  • Learn to modulate your voice over a wide range


  • Find out how to support your voice on breath and place the sound in your own built-in resonance chambers


  • Let your inner fire shine through your voice and presence so that you feel awesome


Are You Ready to Speak Up and Find the Powerful Voice Within You?