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“Judy is a leading talent in the dramatic and musical arts. Her insights and sensitivity to people contribute to her teaching excellence.”

Wayne A. Long Ph.D., Professor of Management, Mesa, Arizona

We are All Incredibly Awesome! We are a field of Unlimited Possibilities! It is my joy to see people shine!  Even on our darkest days, we are still beautiful, loveable and innocent. We are only called to be true to ourselves.

Holding the vision to help you express your Voice and remember your shine, I use my gifts as a Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Speaker and Coach by offering many programs and services. These include: Concerts, Music for Events, my inspirational CD's, Life-Lifts, Inspirational Talks and Musical Keynotes, Laughing-with-Granny Entertainment, Workshops and Coaching (Voice, Presentation and Performance - both singing and speaking).

I will not teach you anything you don't already know. However, I will do whatever it takes to lead you to the doorway of your own knowing. I will always see the Light in you even if you sometimes forget.

    * If you are in the speaking profession, I will help you with your timing, voice, stage and presentation skills.

    * If you are terrified of speaking but have much to say, I will help you take the first step in your confidence.

    * If you are in the acting field, I will help you prepare for auditions.

    * If you have survived by keeping yourself invisible and it's time for you to be heard, I will intuitively guide you to remember and express the Real You.

    * If you want to improve your singing voice, I will teach you breath support and vocal technique.

    * If you have always been told that you can't sing, I will help you discover your sound.

    * If you need to be inspired, I have created songs to uplift you.

    * If you need a Speaker, I will give you an energizing Keynote Address or Musical Keynote.

    * If you need to recharge, I will sing for you at my Concerts, create an interactive Workshop, or join with my husband to bring you a Life-Lift.

    * If you need Music for an Event, I will help weave your conference together with my songs.

    * If you need to be entertained, I will bring Granny along to elicit belly laughs and down home fun.

In the time we spend together, whether at my Concerts, Talks, Musical Keynotes, Life-Lifts, Entertainment, Workshops, Music for Events or Coaching Sessions, I will give the best of me to bring out the best in You.

Book Judy as a Performer, Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, "Granny" or Coach!

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“Judy, I just had to tell you how heart-hitting and powerful your presentation was. It spoke to me. And, your music speaks to me as I write. For some unknown reason, three weeks ago, I started singing before I sat down to write. There were things you said that sent “knowing chills” up my spine. Thanks for confirming that I’m on the right road. I play your song, “Breathe into the Fire” from INSIDE OF ME each day before I begin writing.”

Dawn Holman, Author, Speaker, California

“Judy Armstrong is a consummate artist, professional in every detail, yet so warm and personal. She inspires, uplifts and motivates us all.”

Dr. Margaret Stevens Institute, Ashland, Oregon

“Judy Armstrong was amazing! I have never laughed so much and been inspired at the same time - all in 45 minutes!”

Pat Leighty, Farm Women’s Network

“A must for putting sparkle into any banquet or convention!”

Jeff Mowatt, CAPS National Past President, Calgary, AB, Canada

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