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"The Birth of a Vision"

I began writing inspired songs in the early 1990’s after studying Psychology of Vision® with Dr. Chuck Spezzano (Hawaii) and Rhonda Johnson (Victoria and India). In these workshops, I learned to have the courage to express my authentic self by lovingly embracing all parts of me that I hid away from the world. It was from this honest place within that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my destiny is to be all that I can be in each moment and inspire others to do the same. Singing and creating music is the catalyst for my expression.

At first, the songs came to me as I was inwardly guided. The more I was willing to open and heal, the more melodies and lyrics were revealed. In 1991 at two separate Women in Leadership workshops on Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island, BC, everyone encouraged me to reach out in a broader way and record the songs. I chose 100% to say “Yes, I will follow my passion!”

As soon as I returned home, I wrote “The Time Has Come”, “Together Through the Light” and “Inside of Me”. Three months later I was teaching a JOY of SOUND workshop.  After the event, I sang “Inside of Me” for two of the participants and they were profoundly moved by my music. The following morning, I received a phone call from one of the women. She asked me if I would be offended if she offered to finance my first recording! This was the birth of my vision and it continues to expand in miraculous ways. My wish is that you also will trust enough to follow your heart. Know that all your dreams can become realities if you believe that it can be so.

​​"I wrote these songs for You.

The lyrics call you to feel Your Presence in each moment.

May you always Know and Love your True Self.
May you have clarity and vision to honor your calling.
May you, in turn, inspire others to express their unique talents.

So breathe, relax, center, open, move, laugh, enjoy and most of all, Let Your Heart Sing!"

“Judy’s music touches me deep inside. I experience her songs as a valuable tool for opening the heart and healing our inner self. Her voice is a true blessing of love. Thank you Judy, for sharing your gift.”

Rhonda Johnson, International Business Entrepreneur and Seminar Leader

“Listen to the spirit of love in Judy’s voice. This vivacious pixie dynamo has just recorded the most important piece of work this century.”

Norris Bick, Past Producer

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“An hour of Judy’s music is like a weekend in the mountains or at the sea shore. Sometimes light and fun, sometimes deep and knowing - her music so addresses the human experience, it never fails to affect me at a soul level.”

Grace Lea, Group Facilitator

Calgary, AB

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