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If ever there is a time
If ever there is a reason
If ever we give our hearts to love
The time is Now

If ever we're gonna join
If ever we're gonna get together
If ever we choose to rise above
The time is Now

Excerpt from "The Time is Now"
Music & Lyrics by Judy Armstrong
© &  1994 Judy Armstrong (SOCAN)

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Just when there seemed to be no opportunities to get away, some friends offered to give me the key to their apartment for a week in the village of Elkwood, BC. So it was that I kissed my husband goodbye and ventured off to my date with silence. I speak and sing all day long for the pure joy of it and also teach others to express through their voice. For me it would be a major feat to be quiet.

The sacred gift of stillness cannot be expressed in words or sound. It just Is. When I would get up to cross the room, I felt as if I were invading the space. I silently and reverently bathed in the Presence. Without using my voice to express, I listened to the Music of the Spheres. The 'rhapsody of light' was overwhelmingly beautiful; of this world, yet not of it. At the end of the week as the fading sun cast an ethereal glow over the hills, I quietly invited my husband to watch the full moon together. No words were necessary.

Now is the only time, always has been, always will be. While we scurry around getting stressed, worrying, creating belief systems, judging, making some people right and others wrong, building some people up, putting others down - the Presence awaits to draw us back to remembering our true Home – the place of our hearts knowing. We each contribute a unique note in the symphony of life; sounds which hold Creation safe in crystal colored rhymes. It has never been more important to join together, to trust, let go our grievances and rise as One, embracing both our spirituality and humanity.

The Time is NOW.

With love,

The Time is Now (cont'd)

Come on, look inside,
Come on, let go, we have the power
Come on sister and brother,
The time is Now, we're part of each other

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