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This multifaceted recording with a

variety of musical styles includes 12

uplifting songs with inspirational

music arrangements.


The lyrics of these songs call you to show up on the stage of your life. This is your year to create big dreams and bring them to fruition. You do not serve the world by keeping yourself small. Give yourself permission to love your fears back into the light and join the dance. 

Feel the heartbeat of the earth. Let your hair down, sing along and enjoy expressing and "being" Who You Are in each moment. Now, more than ever, it's your time to shine!

“Judy, you awakened in me the wonder of sounds' vibrational healing powers. From gently leading us into heart-felt sighs releasing tension and emotions to magically projecting sound in the body, healing physical pain; you are indeed a gracious gift.”

Joan Gibbon, Reiki Therapist

“Judy, I had the privilege of attending your seminar at the Toronto CAPS convention. Your ability to engage the audience, share your expertise and motivate exceeded my expectations. It was an experience to see how effortlessly you helped people to project their voice. You are not only an outstanding singer, but also a major confidence booster to people who come into your life. I would not hesitate to recommend any audience to bring you on center stage!"

Roz Usheroff, President, The Usheroff Institute, Toronto and Chicago

“Judy, through your gentleness, warmth and humor, a lifetime of fear in using my voice evaporated. Bless you, Judy, and thank you!"

Donna E. Francis, Transformational Counselor, Victoria, BC, Canada

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