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“Judy, I had the privilege of attending your seminar at the Toronto CAPS convention. Your ability to engage the audience, share your expertise and motivate exceeded my expectations. It was an experience to see how effortlessly you helped people to project their voice. You are not only an outstanding singer, but also a major confidence booster to people who come into your life. I would not hesitate to recommend any audience to bring you on center stage!"

Roz Usheroff, President, The Usheroff Institute, Toronto and Chicago

The Joy of Sound 
(No previous voice training necessary)

Judy invites you to listen to the melody of your heart and join her on a healing journey to discover your own note - the center of your sound.
Sound is one of our most common means of communication. Toning is our body’s natural means of expression. Words give meaning to our thoughts. Shaping words with clear diction and feeling brings our message alive. Speaking allows us to give voice to our need to reach out and touch others. Singing connects us to the Oneness of All and attunes us to the Music of the Spheres.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has much to say but most often is afraid to vocalize it. Everyone can sing, whether or not a voice lesson has ever been taken.

Lack of breath support affecting purity of tone is like an orchestra out of sync. The extent to which you block the expression and uniqueness of your voice reflects the degree to which you hold your breath, inhibit your vocal clarity and restrict your ability to convey your thoughts.

The essence of your sound is in the inner rhythm of your breathing. Your voice is like a light. If it has become dim, it only needs to be acknowledged and activated to beam forth and find the joy which has always been there.
Understanding how to support your sound on breath allows you to experience the free feeling of connectedness and of awakening your voice to its full capacity.

The Magic of Voice Excellence
An Inspirational and Experiential Workshop for Speakers

Group and private trainings available. No previous voice training necessary.
Judy is in touch with the challenges faced by people who need to portray a commanding presence and deliver the right message with confidence and charisma. She uses her expertise to take leaders to professional excellence, helping them distinguish themselves by projecting their voice with greater passion and connection.
You will learn:
• how to find, open, expand and express your most important tool of communication - your own voice
• to use your voice to its full capacity - its breadth, depth, variety, pitch and range
• how to remove the blocks which prevent you from experiencing your full speaking voice
• to project your voice with ease, and be heard whether speaking loudly or softly (even without a microphone)
• the key to voice magnificence - supporting your voice on breath
• to use your whole body when you speak and your whole self when you present
• how to place your voice in your own built-in resonance cavities
• how to relax, play and have fun with your voice
• how to paint word pictures and how to bring stories to life
• specific breathing, sounding, speaking and resonance exercises
• to embrace Voice Excellence, understand the Voice beyond the voice,
and turn every word, sentence, tone, meaning and talk into – MAGIC!


Let Your Heart Sing
(No previous voice training necessary)

This playshop is an opportunity to open your voice, breathe, harmonize, sing along with others and learn how to perform the songs in a group setting.


When you join your voice with others, you can experience a whole new adventure in singing. I use songs from my MP3, SING ALL the WAY HOME, Vol. 1 and other music that I have written especially for these workshops. Before the group singing begins, I start each session by helping you gently warm up your voice with breathing and vocal exercises. I also return to these exercises throughout the playshop, so that you will remember to support your singing on breath (or as I call it, ‘take your voice for a ride on your air’), open your throat, relax your jaw and project your sound with ease.

Some people have blocks around using their voice. Have you ever been ridiculed about your voice or told that you can’t sing? Perhaps there was a time in your life when you shut down your voice and believed that you had better not be heard. This is not the truth about you. Singing is natural and there is a place inside you that longs for the freedom to express.

Participating in a LET YOUR HEART SING ‘SongFest’ is an ideal place to let your hair down, have some fun and be energized as you sing along with others.

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Workshops & Group Events!

“It takes one choice to find a new way
It takes just one voice to reach out and say
It takes one heart willing to be strong
Come on and feel the music, sing your song”

Excerpt from ‘Let Your Heart Sing’
Music & Lyrics by Judy Armstrong
© & 1994 Judy Armstrong (SOCAN)

“For years I have used Judy Armstrong’s wonderful music in my workshops to help in the transformational expansion of those participating. If you want to bring in elements of inspiration, empowerment or emotional connection Judy’s music can help. Thank you Judy for dedicating your life to following loving intention.”

Kelly Tobey, Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitator, Calgary AB

“Judy, your love and encouragement meant more to me than anything I have felt and received in a very long time. The technique and skills were important and most trained musicians and speakers can teach them, but what you taught and shared – the warmth, love and intimacy of personhood is something I have never before experienced like you were able to give."
Laura Harder, Kelowna, BC, Canada

“Judy, through your gentleness, warmth and humor, a lifetime of fear in using my voice evaporated. Bless you, Judy, and thank you!"
Donna E. Francis, Transformational Counselor, Victoria, BC, Canada

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