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Judy Armstrong

​I invite you to play, listen and reflect here awhile. I sing, speak and create music to reawaken the remembrance of your inner knowing.  It is my deepest wish that my work will inspire you to discover and express your own sound or note, the extraordinary being that you are – the Voice within you.

It is your time to shine! The world waits to receive your gifts.


 A Gift of Song!
Enjoy a *Free* Download of Judy's Song
"Give Yourself Love"

Soul-stirring, funny, heart-warming and musical!

"The absolutely delightful Judy Armstrong sings beautifully and displays such poise and sensitivity that she dominates the stage. When the performance ended, I for one, had to resist a strong temptation to send 2 dozen roses and a bottle of champagne around to her dressing room."

Christopher Dafoe, Vancouver Sun

"Judy's music uplifts one's soul and being. Her sounds caress the fiber of my heart and help me rejoice to be alive."

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of Bestseller Series  Chicken Soup for the Soul​

"Judy Armstrong ... hits on all scores - voice, projection, a touch of piquancy, a proper sense of the dramatic, and most importantly, personality which comes off with a wham ...!”

Variety, New York

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