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My Little Babe (cont'd)

About twenty of us sat in a circle and offered our presents. When it was my turn to share, I sat crossed legged on the floor in front of Carrie and sang the song to her tummy. Two days later when I sensed that the baby was due, I wrote another song called “Quietly”.  Then I got the phone call.  Nakita had just been born and I learned that the creation of my second song and the birth were happening at the same moment. I was thrilled to hold the baby in my arms and sing to her.

When Nakita was two years old, Carrie brought her to visit my husband, Tink Robinson, and me. I gave Nakita a little xylophone to play. She drew one mallet across the instrument, looked up at us and said, “I'm making music!” That child brought melodies and rhythms with her.

Nakita was crowned Miss Teen Canada in 2012.  She sings beautifully and has already made a huge impact on many lives. When in her presence, people feel as if the room has become brighter.

The lovely Nakita fully embodies what the lyrics of “My Little Babe” revealed about her.​

All the world will need you,
nurturing the earth
And your heart will lead you
Wondrous songs will immerse
Felt through all the universe

Hold her in the light for she will inspire many people in her lifetime.  She has already touched me deeply.​​

Enjoy the short clip of the song above.

With love,

My little babe, you are so bonny
And you are loved, dear child of mine
My little one, you are my only
Dear little babe, you are so fine

Excerpt from “My Little Babe”
Music & Lyrics by Judy Armstrong
from Judy's CD, FLYING FREE
© 1996 Judy Armstrong (SOCAN)

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