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“The evening belongs to two outstanding performers, Tink Robinson and Judy Armstrong, who displayed their versatility and professionalism!"


Through Life-Lifts, my husband and fellow performer, Tink Robinson, and I give you a ‘Life-Lift’ by bringing out your playful ‘kid’ inside. Using energizing, fun-filled songs from KIDS (for all ages) which we co-wrote and recorded, we guarantee that your toes will start tapping and your smiles will spontaneously widen. Watch out - it’s contagious! For performances, we add big band arrangements, uplifting songs and comedy into the mix.

We reach our audiences through their heart centers, opening up the right brain (creativity) and the left brain (logic) hemispheres simultaneously. We use story telling, inspiration, singing, drama, movement, audience interaction and laughter to reinforce our message.

As keynote speakers, coaches, performers and workshop facilitators, we work with people of all cultures, races and creeds. We weave universal truths with music, laughter and entertainment.

You can have more fun in your life. You do make a difference. You are appreciated!

Judy and Tink as "Granny" and

"Underarm Tom"

We created our characters, Granny and Underarm Tom when we wrote, produced and performed in our shows at Heritage Fort Steele, BC. For 13 summer seasons, we hired talented professionals to perform with us for people from around the world. Granny and Underarm Tom represent the parts of you that want to abandon all the 'have-tos', 'should-haves', 'shouldn't-haves', 'ought-tos', 'better-nots', 'but-what-ifs' and 'if-onlys'. In their simple and fun-loving way, they tickle your funny bone and challenge you to be your authentic self. You might even find yourself laughing – just for the fun of it!

Experiencing Life-Lifts with Tink and Judy can be a delightful natural high, a reminder not to take yourself too seriously.

Book Tink and Judy for a Memorable, Life-Lifting Experience!

Special Song for Your Event

Tink and Judy will write a song specifically for your entertainment event. This song works best if people in the audience know each other ... e.g. presidents, CEO's, chairpersons, volunteers, etc.

Victor Borge said, “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.” We invite you to share the time with us so we can laugh together.

* Conferences * Seminars * Celebrations * Workshops *

* Reunions * Service Organization Events * Receptions *

* Positive Living Centers *

“Tink and Judy are better than just good, they are outstanding!"


“Their outstanding entertainment is not surpassed anywhere."


“Tink and Judy clearly enjoy what they do. They have fun and this sense of fun is infectious.”


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